Regarding frequent conservative attacks on the “new sevdah”

First time published on August 16th 2015 as a status on the Facebook dan page:

"Regarding frequent conservative attacks on the "new sevdah": I always find it cute when conservatives think that somebody wants to hear their opinion. They try to determine who is allowed to do what, what lyrics to sing, how to dress. The argument they usually use comes down to their uncle being a neighbor of Himzo Polovina or had all the records of Zaim Imamović (famous sevdah bards). Gentlemen: we really don’t care about your tightness, lack of knowledge and fears you project: you have standing in front of you a new generation of sevdah performers who are not given what they are on a silver plate by anybody. No institution, no radio, no label. We won our place under the sun by ourselves, each of us in our own way, and we have no intentions...


Listen well to what they are doing!

An interview with Anouar Brahem By Damir Imamović

I did this interview with Anouar Brahem after his concert at Jazz Fest Sarajevo in 2009. I was working on video interviews with guests of the festival and was so disappointed when Brahem at first refused to be interviewed. I didn’t speak French and he didn’t have confidence in his English. We spoke a bit more, I tried to explain that I wasn’t a journalist, that I’m a musician, that an idea is to… “A fellow musician?!”, he was almost thrilled. I looked at him in awe. Anour Brahem just called me “a fellow”. If I confirm, I’m bigheaded as they come, if I negate, the man will think I’m crazy. I confirm. “Then come to the backstage after the concert, an interview is ok. But no video, a press interview!” I confirm again. I can hear his English is...